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Jewelry sales event held by jewelry manufacturers in the prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture with jewelry as a local industry
This is a jewelry sales event held by eight jewelry manufacturers in Yamanashi Prefecture. Various products can be purchased at a conscient price that cannot be bought normally.

Venue / schedule

☆Schedule (held in total for 2 days)
First day

Second day

Cross For Kofu Co., Ltd.


7-11-4, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

Participating company

Cross For Co., Ltd.

Mainly dancing stones, from several thousand yen to high quality jewelry.

Kojin Jewelry Co., Ltd.

High quality colored stone jewelry.

Jewelry Einma Co., Ltd.

Unusual color stone from diamonds.

Meisei Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Pearl product necklace, pierced, ring.

Create Takano Co., Ltd.

Men's jewelry created from high technology, from light to heavy.

Jewelry IDs Co., Ltd.

Diamond -colored stone earrings, earrings.

Miura Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Limited pure gold coin pendant and the latest chain from overseas.

Smile Corporation Co., Ltd.


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