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Ring FJR -1139 -YGB Arrow K18YG

Ring FJR -1139 -YGB Arrow K18YG

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Cutting ring handle by craftsmen.
Put the cut line carefully at a uniform depth and interval. It is a processing method that is said to be not suitable for mass production because it also generates a bullion loss (*1) by manual and shaving.

Still, sticking to cutting is worth it only by cutting.
Cutting with the edge, beautiful gloss. Please enjoy a specially packed special item.
(*1) A bullion that comes out when the bullion is cut. The amount that could not be recovered would be lost.

If you would like a size other than the selection size

Please fill in the desired size for the remarks when ordering.

Gold: 18 gold Yellow gold
Plating: None
Ring width: about 1.2mm
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