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Ring FJR-1181-PT Natural Diamond Marquis

Ring FJR-1181-PT Natural Diamond Marquis

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Casually appeals to your commitment.

Approximately 0.1ct natural diamonds, pedestals and rings using PT900.
I don't want to be too flashy, but I want to wear good things.
It is an item that you want to deliver to you who are genuine.

The diamond adopts a marquisut that makes the brightness look greater.
By placing it vertically, the existence is even more prominent.
It is a ring that can be used in the multi -scene that does not disturb fashion.

*Please contact us if you would like to be a selection size.


Major: PT900 (Platinum 900)
Stone size: about 2.5mm x about 5mm, about 0.1ct
Ring size: Please choose.
Body vertical x horizontal: about 20 x about 19mm (for 11)
Main weight: about 1g

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