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Miden-Miden-One kind of favorite material+exclusive kit

Miden-Miden-One kind of favorite material+exclusive kit

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"A ring that changes every day, enjoys the aging of metal. By maintaining it to your liking, it is only one accessory in the world."

It is a new product that can be used while maintaining it yourself using the attached maintenance kit.

Since there is no coating on the metal surface, it causes aging like leather products. At the beginning of use, you can enjoy the glittering expression of metal, and after the aging, you can enjoy the deep antique shine.
Aging change

By using the attached kit, it is possible to change to two types of finishes.

Pattern ①-Mirror finish-

Pattern ②-matte finish-
Matte finish


Please use it while maintaining it, and use it as a long life ring for a long time.
The time spent with this ring will be turned into a special accessories in the world.


[Product specification]
Major: Brass/Silver/Copper

Ring size: 17-23


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