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[Limited one! ] Papalachiia Sapphire 0.326ct Diamond Total 0.58ct Ring # 12 K18YG

[Limited one! ] Papalachiia Sapphire 0.326ct Diamond Total 0.58ct Ring # 12 K18YG

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Limited one! Papalachiian Safia with a discrimination

Phantom sapphire "Papalachia".
Also called King of Sapphire.
The meaning of the name is "lotus flower",
Only the intermediate color of orange and pink is given this name,
Even if it is too orange or too pink, the discrimination result is not "papalacia".

In the center of Paparacia Saparfire with genuine differentiations,
32 I have treated the diamonds of the stone.
The central stone size is about 4.8 x 3.7mm, about 0.326ct, an oval cut that looks good,
The surrounding diamonds are used with a total of 32 stones, about 0.58ct.

Beautiful pink -orange shades enhance the diamonds around,
The K18 yellow gold of the bullion has a more gorgeous contrast.

Normally, products are accepted to order.
In the future, it is unlikely to be sold at this price, so it will be sold with only one item.
Paparachiia, the birthstone of September, please do not miss this opportunity.

Major: K18YG (18 gold yellow gold)
Plating: None
Nakaishi Size: Papalacia Approximately 4.8 x 3.7mm (about 0.326ct) 1PC
Side stone size: Diamond total 32pcs about 0.58ct
Design part Vertical x horizontal x thickness: about 11 x 9.9 x 5.9mm
Ring width: Approximately 2.1-2.5mm
Main weight: about 2.75g

This is available for No. 12.
It will take about one week of business days, but it is possible to fix the size.
If you would like to fix the size, please describe the specified size in the purchase page
Until ± 2, we will change the size for free.

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