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Pendant "HANA HIRAKU(Flowering)" RFP-0003-PT*A -Sakuranomai-Sakura dance

Pendant "HANA HIRAKU(Flowering)" RFP-0003-PT*A -Sakuranomai-Sakura dance

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Ichikawa Kudanji Produced Brand RE; Sonate

Sakura Dance(Sakuranomai)
The theme is "Brilliance" that Shizuka Gozen has in "Yoshitsune Senbonzakura". Designed with a gorgeous dance in front of Shizuka Gozen, which is beautiful and fascinates people with a master of dance, and the hem and sleeves of the kimono flow gently.

Base meta;: PT900
Plating: ー
Main stone size: (0.21ct) 1.10mm x 2pcs, 1.20mm x 8pcs, 1.30mm x 3pcs, 1.40mm x 3pcs, 1.50mm x 1pc, 1.80mm x 1pc, 2.00mm x 1pc
Side stone size: -
Chain type: Box cahin
Chain length: 45cm slide adjuster
Body vertical x horizontal: about 19.9mm x 10.0mm
Body thickness: about 4.8mm
Net weight: about 2.12g
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