Pendant "HANA HIRAKU(Flowering)" RSP-0001-PT*A -Yagasuri-Fletching motif pattern

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Ichikawa Kudanji Produced Brand Re;Sonate

Fletching motif pattern(Yagasuri,矢絣)

Under the theme of "Energy" of "Kanadehon chushingura,仮名手本忠臣蔵",simple and straightforward thoughts and arrow fletching motifs are used as motifs so that you can feel the steadfastness and action power of your lover.

Base metal: PT900
Plating: ー
Main stone size: Approximately 4.0mm (0.20ct) x 1pc
Side stone size: (0.26ct) 1.10mm x 4pcs, 1.20mm x 8pcs, 1.30mm x 18pcs
Chain type: Box chain
Chain length: 60cm slide adjuster
Body vertical x horizontal: about 20.6mm x about 13.3mm
Body thickness: about 5.7mm
Net weight: about 3.65g