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Birth Stone

What is a birthstone?

A birthstone that is popular as a familiar jewelry.
Do you know the origin and history of the birthstone? In fact, the birthstone is slightly different depending on the country, region, and brand.The beginning goes back to BC.In the Old Testament, which was written about 3500 years ago, there is a statement that "12 jewels that were elephanted by the Jewish monks were sewn in the Jewish priest's clothes."The New Testament also has 12 jewelry descriptions, and it is said that these jewelry became the source of the birthstone.

Does wearing a birthstone increase power?

Wearing a jewel assigned every month from around the 8th century is said to be "enhanced healing power", and a culture of owning 12 months worth of jewelry and changing jewels as a talisman every month.

Around the 18th century, Europe became widely permeated based on the religion of astrology.

Finally, the prototype of the birthstone is decided!

Time is the 20th century.
In the West, the culture of birthstone was completely penetrated.
At this time, jewelry trade was also active, along with jewelry, the culture of "birthstone" spread to the world, and variations began to occur in various places.

In 1912, the American Jewelry Association, which was active in jewelry trade, was selected as the original birthstone of the current birthstone, selected the first birthstone that applied jewelry for the first time.

The arrangements have been arranged according to the production of jewelry and differentiation in the country and region, and it has become the current form.
In Japan, the birthstone has been revised last year for the first time in 63 years!
A birthstone that is perfect for gifts as well as buying it yourself. Why don't you give it a present?

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