About payment method

About payment method

The Cross Fore ONLINE STORE offers a variety of payment methods.

pay by a credit card


■ MasterCard

■ American Express

■ JCB card



■ Apple Pay

■ Google Pay

■ Shopify Pay

■ PayPal

■ Amazon Pay

You can use the registered address and credit card information for your service.

Cash on delivery

[Delivery company] Yamato Transport courier service

The total payment is only for the product price. (Cash-on-delivery commission is free)
Please prepare the price by the delivery date, and pay the delivery driver when delivering the product.
Cash on delivery payments may not be used in some areas, such as remote islands.
Cash on delivery is limited to if the total payment is 300,000 yen or less.
You can use only cash payments. Card payment with cash on delivery is not available.

Cash on delivery payment is a payment method to pay when the product arrives.
In our shop, if [orderer] and [recipient] are different, we will check with the orderer to prevent accidents.
Shipping may be delayed.
Therefore, if there is no problem even if the [orderer] and [recipient] are different, the shipping will be performed smoothly.
Please enter the above -mentioned point in the comment section.


About consumption tax

The display price includes the consumption tax.