-Brand Concept-

Fusion of tradition and innovation.
A gift for an adult woman who knows the real thing,
Jewelery that makes you feel gorgeous
and playful in high quality.


Fourth generation
市川九團次(Kudanji Ichikawa)
We welcomed Kabuki actor Kudanji Ichikawa as a producer,
and developed a design that speaks directly
to the hearts of the wearer
with the theme of Kabuki and Japanese tradition.


4th April 1972 Born in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture

1998 First stage under the name of Takeshiro Bando

2008 assumption of name 4th generation Shinsha Bando

2014 Became a member of Ebizo Ichikawa and named himself Michiyuki Ichikawa

Jan 2015 assumption of name 4th generation Kudanji Ichikawa.
In addition to performing nationwide and around the world as Ebizo Ichikawa, in 2016 he held his first independent performance, "Kudanji no Kai,(九團次の会)" and in 2018, the third year, worked 13 performances at 11 nationwide. Appeared in many TV commercials and variety shows. He is also active in a wide range of fields other than Kabuki, such as holding workshops for students and the general public in order to let more people know about Kabuki.

Appearance, awards, etc.

Rizap(TV commercial)/
In charge of special narration for Nippon Television "news every"/
Recipes serialized on the website of the magazine "GINGER"/
Ebizo Ichikawa "古典への誘い"/
Drama "That Child is Born" (Fuji TV On Demand FOD)/
Received the 13th Night Party Award Encouragement Award(2005)/
Won the Sakuya Kono Hana Award(2006)/
Received the 13th Night Party Award Encouragement Award(2011)/


Kudanji Ichikawa × Crossfor Co.,Ltd.

In 1988, he took the first stage as Takeshiro Bando.
Kudanji Ichikawa, the 4th generation,
is now active not only in Kabuki but also in various stages.
At one point, an acquaintance reflected light as Main stone continued to shake.
He was shown a dancing stone that shines more than any gem,
he was fascinated by its beauty and unique technique.
At that time, Kudanji who was Visiting Yamanashi for a Kabuki performance,
the developer of Dancing Stone was introduced at the venue.
It was Mr.Dobashi, the president of Crossfor Co., Ltd.

While it is a traditional Japanese performing art that has continued for more than 400 years,
It may have been inevitable to meet Kudanji Ichikawa, who is often seen in the world of Kabuki,
 which has constantly evolved and caused [innovation],
 and Crossfor who caused a [revolution] in the world's jewelry society with dancing stones・・・

This encounter triggered,
"Audience with refined art", "People with jewelry"
<< I want to impress >>
Collaboration between the two companies has been realized.

Resonate means "resonates with the heart."
"Re" means repetition, "sonate"Music using instrumental music (sonata).
Like music, a great story that has fascinated people for a long time
every time I see it, and depending on the situation and feelings of the viewer
Continue to give off a different glow.

Resonate is based on the theme of
traditional Japanese culture such as Kabuki.
A design that speaks directly to the wearer's heartIt
has the meaning of wanting to turn it on.
A playful logo that secretly hides the "9" of Kudanji(九團次、"九" mean 9 in Japanse)
 in the brush character that
feels powerful and supple, expresses the essence of an adult.

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The first series name is "-HANA HIRAKU (Flowering)-".
The theme is the woman who opened up her life. 
Nobility, belief, beauty, etc. in Kabuki by blooming one's own talent bringing out her talent
hidden in the depths of her wearer's heart,as a women's empowerment jewelry.the motif is five women who are indispensable for talking about Kabuki. It is a glossy design.

Product line-up -HANA HIRAKU (Flowering)-

Izumo no Okuni(出雲阿国),
a shrine maiden and the founder of Kabuki.
The motifs is her kimono and headbands when she was dancing Kabuki dance.
The etymology of Kabuki, "tilting," is It means an "outlaw" like it's not straightforward.
It is a unique design like Izumo no Okuni, who is such a Kabukimono(歌舞伎者=oddity)

Sakurahime(桜姫) is a reincarnation of a child
who has a heart with her lover's monk.
Although she is from a noble princess,
she carves the same tattoos as her loved man.
She is a pretty wild woman who drops herself into her prostitute.
As her name suggests, "Sakura" is used as a motif to express her princess-like elegance.
It is a design that you can feel the power of her hidden while the flurry of cherry blossom petals like a wild princess.

A prostitute who is the highest peak in Yoshiwara.
The beauty and luxury that overwhelms her surroundings, and her boldness is designed to cut the sword even for a man who is good at it. The true strength of the fried roll is expressed while giving a femininity with the motif of the hairpin of the heavy place.

Not only the beauty of appearance,
but also a master of splendid dance
that fascinated not only Yoshitsune
but also people in Kamakura.
The design is that maximizes her beautiful and glamorous dance in little jewelery.
The hem and sleeves of her kimono are flowing gently,
I used the drum as a motif.