Pendant "HANA HIRAKU(Flowering)" RSP-0002-PT*a - Edozakura-

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Ichikawa Kudanji Produced Brand Re;Sonate

The theme is "Pride" of Miuraya Agemaki(三浦屋揚巻) of "Sukeroku Yuen no Edo Sakura(助六由縁江戸桜)". A bold prostitute, Agemaki(揚巻), who cuts a sword without taking a step against her favorite customers. Femininity and core strength are expressed with the motif of a prostitute's hairpin.

Base metal: PT900
Plating: ー
Main stone size: about 3.0mm(0.10ct) x 1pc
Side stone size: (0.17ct) 1.00mm x 18pcs, 1.50mm x 6pcs
Chain type: Box chain
Chain length: 60cm slide adjuster
Body vertical x horizontal: about 23.5mm x about 21.6mm
Body thickness: about 5.4mm
Net weight: about 4.46g