Product Features 2 points

Various usage

You can use 3 ways [Ring] [earcuff] [earrings] according to the mood and coordination of the day.

Opening and closing structure that is easy to put on and take off

By using the opening and closing structure called "ear part -time", it is opened and easy to wear.

How to use VERSATIL

Because the end part moves
Open to the point where it stops.

To the part you want to wear in an open state
Close together.

Completed installation!

3WAY usage pattern

① Iyakaf

② Ring

③ Earring

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It means "flow" in Spanish.
"It gives a gentle feeling like the flow of water."

The shine, focusing on a circle that draws a gentle lineA chain is combined. There is one and only shine in the universal design.



It means "chain" in Spanish.
"I can support strong will and determination."

It is a design with a chain motif,
By making it a rounded shape
Finished in a soft atmosphere.
The cubic zirconia used for the point has a shining shine.

BRILLAR (Briller)


It means "shine" in Spanish.
"It brings out the charm of the people who wear it"
I have a feeling to become a product.

Two lines form this design.
By providing a height difference, it has been intonated and finished in a unique design.