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Pendant FJP -8464S -YG Sapphire x Diamond Smile K18YG

Pendant FJP -8464S -YG Sapphire x Diamond Smile K18YG

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Smile -type pendant top with a chic contrast.
Approximately 3mm sapphire and about 2mm diamonds are alternately treated, and it is finished in a strong design.
By beating the stone frame, the cuteness is expressed in elegance.
It is a product that has a well -balanced and feminineness of the core, and enhances the beauty of women regardless of age.

Major: K18YG (18 gold yellow gold)
Plating: None
Nakaishi Size: Sapphire Approximately 3.0mm x 5PCS Approximately 0.55ct
Side stone size: Diamond about 2.1mm x 6PCS Approximately 0.2ct
Chain type: Cut Azuki
Chain length: 45cm with adjuster
Body vertical x horizontal: about 36.2 x 10.9mm
Body thickness: about 2.4mm
Main weight: about 2.69g

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