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Pendant DP99-030SV Ivy

Pendant DP99-030SV Ivy

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Flower Collection

Graduation ceremony, birthday, anniversary ...
In the important milestone or a happy scene, the flowers will enhance the leading role. I hope you can smile every day by gently snuggling with her sparkling color stones and flower language in each one. I created "Flower Collection" with such thoughts.

Imagine Ivy that fits in any interior, even though there are characteristics in shape and leaf color.
The point is the overall balance that fits nicely when you wear it while putting its characteristics in shape and color!

Base metal: SV925
Plating: Rhodium plating
Main stone size: CZ 2.5mm x 1pc
Side stone size: Zirconia Flostmint SQ3*3 × 2, Mint Green SQ3*3 × 1, White SQ1.5*1.5 × 1, Mint Green SQ1.5*1.5 × 1
Chain type: Cable chain
Chain length: 40cm+5cm
Body vertical x horizontal: about 8.4mm x about 29.3mm
Body thickness: about 4.6mm
Net weight: about 2.1g

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