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Pendant DP99-032SV Gerbera

Pendant DP99-032SV Gerbera

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Flower Collection

Graduation ceremony, birthday, anniversary ...
In the important milestone and happy scenes, the flowers are enriched the leading role. I hope you can smile every day by gently snuggling with her sparkling color stones and flower language in each one. I created "Flower Collection" with such thoughts.

Gerbera has flower language for each color of the flower. Choose the color and shape of the stone with the theme of a woman with a lot of attractive expressions like a garbella bouquet.

Pink = "Social beauty" "Hot love"
Red = "passion" "passionate"
Purple = "Hope" "Positive"
White = "Ritsui" "hope"
Yellow = "Ultimate beauty" "friendliness"

District: SV925
Plating: Rhodium plating
Nakaishi size: CZ 2.5mm x 1PC
Side stone size: Zirconia Fan Sea Purple RD1.5mm × 2, Fancy Yellow RD1.5mm × 2, Purdish Pink SQ3*3 × 2, Red PS3*2 × 2, Fancy Pink HS3*3 × 2
Chain type: Central Azuki
Chain length: 40cm+5cm
Body vertical x horizontal: about 6.6mm x horizontal: about 27.4mm
Body thickness: thickness: about 5.1mm
Main weight: Heavy: Approximately 2.1g

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