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Pendant (HP-0725D-W10/K10 WHITE GOLD) -Diamond-APRIL

Pendant (HP-0725D-W10/K10 WHITE GOLD) -Diamond-APRIL

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Birthstone series

April ... Diamond
Jewel Words ... Pure, cleanliness, pure love, eternal bond

Will happiness come when you wear a birthstone? ?
A birthstone that has been treated as a special thing for people since long ago.
In the frame of a lucky motif horseshoe (horseshoe)
Using a unique patent technology that continues to shake with a little vibration, it has been tailored to a dancing stone necklace.

** In addition, you can see the birthstone jewelry in April here **

Major: 10 Gold White Gold
Nakaishi Size: Approximately 2mm x 1PC about 0.02ct
Side stone size: -
Chain type: Azuki Kaku
Chain length: 40cm
Body vertical x horizontal: about 6.4mm x about 5.4mm
Body thickness: about 2.9mm
Main weight (including chain): Approximately 0.65g
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