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Pendant NYP-646 Love Prayer

Pendant NYP-646 Love Prayer

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It has been said that the diamonds have long been avoided from disasters and protect them. This diplomatic pendant contains a [love prayer] that wants to protect the opponent.

District: SV925
Plating: Rhodium plating
Nakaishi size: CFCZ 4.0mm x 1PC
Side stone size: CFCZ 3.0mm x 1PC
Chain type: 2 series (Venetian, Azuki)
Chain length: 40cm+5cm
Body vertical × horizontal: diamond shape: about 13.2mm × about 10.5mm, petit: about 5.7mm × 2.9mm
Body thickness: Hishi -shaped: about 4.3mm petit: 2.4mm
Main weight: Approximately 0.98g (diamond type 0.89g 0.09g)
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