Tiny pin RST-0001-SV Kumatori Tiny Pin 1

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Ichikawa Kudanji Produced Brand Re;Sonate

Speaking of Kabuki, it is a expression(見得・Mie).
Speaking of a a expression(見得・Mie), it is a charismatic eyes.
Kumadori's eyes are decorated with dancing stones, and the other is a tiny pin that is unique and full of adult style and playfulness.

Base metal:Sv925
Plating:Rhodium plating
Main sotone size:CZ 2.0mm x 2pcs
Side stone size:-
Type of catch:Brass
Post length:About 8.0mm
Body vertical x horizontal:Approximately 17.8mm x about 15.3mm
Body thickness:About 3.9mm
Net weight:Approximately 2.21g