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Earrow (Yellow Gold / TME -0002-10Y) SPICA

Earrow (Yellow Gold / TME -0002-10Y) SPICA

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A spika shining white like a pearl in the spring night air, and an orange light. The two stars are slowly approaching and lined up next to it over 60,000 years. The two contrasting two meet and approach the distance ... A design that imagines a star like a lover. May the two future continue to shine ...
 TMP -0001-10YIt is also recommended to set up with).

Major: K10
Plating: Yellow Gold
Nakaishi Size: Tennis Chain: White Topaz 1.75mm x 8pcs
Side stone size: freshwater pearl 3.0-3.5mm x 4PCS
Chain type: Long beans
Chain Length: Total Length: Approximately 60mm * Chain location
Body vertical x horizontal: tennis chain: about 3.9mm x about 2.0mm, freshwater pearl: about 3.0mm x about 3.0mm
Body thickness: tennis chain: about 1.8mm freshwater pearl: about 3.0mm

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